Shortcuts that probably did not know on your iPhone


There are several shortcuts on the iPhone, for which no instructions.

SONY a6000 Fastest Autofocus in the WORLD


Sony a6000 has the fastest auto focus cameras with changeable lenses. New Sony Camera with changeable lenses ILCE-6000 allows sharp focus just 0.06 seconds.

The best additions to Google Drive


Did you know that Google Drive can expand?

Apple introduced the iPhone 5C even better


The new version of the iPhone 5C brings the memory capacity of 8 GB

NEW Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 to focus on what mat...


Samsung Galaxy S5 is announced in February of 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale since April of 2014

Canon EOS 600D

Canon Eos 600d

Canon Eos 600d

The Canon EOS 600D sits somewhere in between the two camps, with a small form and entry-level styling, but including many features from the enthusiast Canon EOS 60D.

A New Type of USB Connector

usb types

usb types

Group for the USB standard has announced that it is developing a new type of USB connector that will solve the problem that users troubling since there is USB, which is that the right side USB compared to the slot.