Soon, batteries recharged in 26 seconds

battery-chargingImagine you can charge your phone from 0% to 100% in just 26 seconds? In fact, no longer have to imagine …

Microsoft Cancels Android phones of Nokia


Six months after the introduction of the first model, the general manager of Microsoft, Satya Nadela, halted the project for Nokia Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with eye scanner

eye scannerse

New tweet from your account on the Samsung Exynos Twitter probably unwittingly showed us that the Korean giant is working on a new method of security for their phones. It is assumed that the first phone with a scanner eyes will be 4 new Galaxy Note

5 Myths about Battery Charging

battery charging

battery charging

Everybody wants to get the most from our phones, but not necessarily practicing correct tips. To defeat the 5 myths which usually abound for charging mobile phones

Comes LG G3 Prime



It is louder speculation that popular phones HTC, Samsung and LG will have their improved versions that will carry the designation Prime. Finally we have more concrete information, at least one of these manufacturers …

Facebook Slingshot is finally available for ALL


Last week, Facebook introduced its latest mobile application, called Slingshot.

Microsoft introduced a Android phone


Microsoft introduced a Android phone Nokia X2